Boost your mindset, transform your nutrition, and strengthen your relationship with training and yourself.

  • High Intensity Low Impact Workouts

    Sweat with a one hour workout by @evolvewithmari

  • Nutrition Plan

    Designed by Certified Nutritionist

  • Yoga & Meditation

    Train your mind & connect with your body

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  • Mariana Ramirez

    Lawyer, Trainer, and Health Coach promoting a holistic lifestyle through fitness. Eco-age contributor.

  • Prashant Patel

    Spiritual Counseling, Mantra Healing, Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Consultation.


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Jalymar Salomón @salomonjaly / Actress, TV Host and Mom

Antonella / Public Figure

Joselyn Salomon @joselynsalomon / Wife, Dancer & Choreographer

Frequent Questions & Answers

What payment options do I have?

You can pay with debit and credit card, Google Pay and Apple Pay, or you can opt to pay your registration in 4 installments of $19.99 USD.

Can I join from outside the USA?

Yes! We're a virtual training program, available to everyone around the world.

Are the trainings live?

No, the workouts are previously recorded training sessions but we have live workouts twice a month, which recordings are available for you as well.

Is the nutrition plan personalized?

No, the nutrition plan goes over the general aspects but we offer the service of a personalized nutrition plan with Roy Narvaez.

Is this program a good fit for beginners?

Yes, our program is based on HIIT workouts and our trainer @evolvewithmari shows different variations for those who are beginners or have any type of injury.

What do I need to perform the workouts?

You'll need a mat, ankle weights, dumbbells, kettlebell, bench or step, medicine bowl (medium), sliding core discs, and resistance bands.

Will I get guidance from the trainer?

Absolutely! We're available on DMs and comments to answer any of your questions.

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